As far back in my childhood as I can remember, I picture myself drawing or holding colours in my hands.
After studies at the Academy of the Arts in Nîmes, then in Perpignan, I continued with the drawing, trying various techniques (pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor).
In 1980, it became obvious… nothing would make me happier than the alchemy of pigments in water, the transparency and the subtlety of watercolour.

Watercolour today is more than a means of expression, it's a passion and an art of living. It's my own way of live as it were...
I do not look to represent the elements of reality, but rather to decipher what surrounds me, to throw light on the echoes of an emotion, of a sensation or of state of mind. To choose the right word from all the literature of the world and of oneself demands a great mastery of the techniques, but I don't think that one will ever be "master" of watercolour, only be its accomplice.
Living water, its play with the pigments, its reactions with the paper, surprise me, fascinate me, and fill me with wonder.  I seek the light, I direct it, I make it circulate across the sheet of paper, opening white spaces, creating pathways, provoking contrasts. Practising every day as I do, it has taught me much about myself. It is necessary to concentrate, to be patient and receptive at certain moments, quick and spontaneous at others, but always curious and humble because "the art of the water colourist is not forged out of certainties". (Ewa Karpinska)
I make watercolour and watercolour makes me. This dialogue between it and me, in the solitude of the studio or facing the subject, is often difficult but it also gives me some marvellous moments of happiness.

For several years, through lessons and courses, I  have been attempting to pass on my enthusiasm to others who love watercolour.

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"Aqua-rêve" (You Tube)